Оnline stores сontextual advertising in Google Ads helps to effectively promote various groups of products, increase the number of customers, and ensure the development and growth of profitability. However, there is no ad campaign that could not be improved if you look at the settings and structure of the account with a professional eye.

Even when users form specific search requests, advertising in Google Ads may not bring predicted results or may not work as effectively as it could. In our new article, we bring up a topic on how ad account and campaign settings restructuring can increase sales by 155%.

About the project

We started to work with Ukrainian online store that sells sockets, switches, and electrical cables. The client already had a Google ads account, which worked for almost a year, but was set up erratically: different campaign structures, keyword duplication in various сampaigns and ad groups, formulaic ads, and presence of ads with errors. Before contacting us, the client achieved the following monthly results: 113 conversions at a cost of 9.5 USD.

We had the following tasks:

  • increase the number of transactions by 1.5-2 times maintaining their value;
  • restructure and systematize the settings of the ad account.

The campaign was held for 4 months.


We started the project with an audit of ongoing campaigns and found the following errors:

  • gaps in the semantic core and the lack of brand names in Cyrillic. For example, there were phrases like “viko sockets”, but there were no “вико sockets”. Because of this campaign could receive fewer impressions;
  • formulaic ads and, as a result, low relevance of ads to keywords. This led to an average keyword quality score of 5 out of 10. We know that the higher this indicator is, the lower cost we can get and the better ad position will be;
  • mass keywords cross-minusing. This method consists of adding negative keywords at the campaign/group level to reduce the competition between similar key phrases among themselves. The client’s cross-minusing was carried out without taking into account the “Low search volume” status and the seasonality of selling items. As a result, during the low season, a lot of low-frequency keywords received the status “Low search volume”, and wider keywords could not get an impression due to cross-minusing.

In addition, one of the main difficulties that we encountered was that the system did not recognize some keywords and queries. For example, “cable ВВГ” received requests like “cable ВВГНГ”, so we had to minus these phrases manually until the traffic for such groups became clean.

Account Restructuring

After the audit, we started with a partial restructuring of the account:

– removed duplicate keywords from different sets and campaigns. They split statistics, making  the process of data reduction and analysis much more complicating;

– carried out a partial regrouping of keywords for ease of management and subsequent scaling of campaigns.

In general, an understandable structure allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of each keyword correctly.

Ad Texts Editing

There were a lot of formulaic ads in the client’s account that weren’t relevant to keywords. We corrected this situation by rewriting the text, thereby increasing the quality score to 8 out of 10, and reducing the cost of the click.

Running a dynamic search campaign

We came to this solution to get cheaper low-frequency queries that were not used in search advertising. The fact is that low-frequency keywords on Google have a special status – “Low search volume.” If such requests are received from keywords in a broad type of match (with or without a modifier), the advertiser often overpays for them. Clicks on the same search queries in a dynamic search campaign are cheaper.

Using search remarketing

In order to attract users who were already on the site, we used search remarketing. If a person entered into a search a query that showed our ads, then went to the site, but did not make a conversion and continued to search further, he would fall into the remarketing list. Later, when he googled the product again we reminded him about ourselves and our offer with advertisements.


By working with a client we’ve got the following results:

– The number of conversions per month increased from 113 to 289;

– The average price per conversion decreased from $ 9.5 to $ 6;

– The conversion rate increased from 0.9% to 2.08%.

We plan to launch Google Shopping next for further scaling of the project.


  1. To work properly in Google Ads, it’s important to build an account structure. This helps optimize the number of campaigns, analyze the results, and simplifies navigation. In an illiterate account, it’s difficult to understand which categories and directions are covered and how they work.
  2. After you have done with technical settings, it’s important to launch a campaign and create an audience for remarketing. When a sufficient number of users will be collected lunch a remarketing campaign and dynamic remarketing, turning website visitors into customers.
  3. It’s extremely important to pay attention to the Quality Score. The higher it is, the more relevant to the search query will be your ad and site, in accordance with Google. As a result, you will get a higher position in the SERP and the lower cost per click. You can increase this indicator by using emotional, unique, customized, useful (most importantly, non-formulaic) texts in ads, and by setting up precise targeting for keywords.
  4. By testing different match types, you can influence the number of impressions in accordance with user requests and find the optimal ratio for your business.
  5. Even if you choose the right keywords, they can still trigger your ads on irrelevant requests. To avoid such inappropriate clicks, you should monitor the report on search queries and add negative keywords.


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