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of experience crafting marketing solutions
300+ projects
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24+ countries
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Eugene Mokin
Founder & CEO at Median ads
For many years, we have been implementing email marketing from scratch or improving existing systems. For each project, we craft a unique map of triggered mailings and establish a calendar for regular mailings. Our focus goes beyond merely increasing Open Rate and Click Rate metrics – we're dedicated to translating email marketing into tangible sales.

Drawing on extensive experience in international markets, we leverage the best practices to attract subscriber bases and enhance their loyalty. This way, we achieve consistent sales without exhausting the subscriber base!

Our competencies

We boast experience with a wide array of email delivery services, whether working with existing solutions or aiding in the selection of the best service based on project needs.


What we work with

Triggered Mailings

We create a mailing roadmap based on all possible touchpoints, design automated message series, and initiate an email message sequence according to the approved roadmap

Regular Mailings

We develop an email distribution calendar that encompasses different categories to achieve various objectives — from fostering subscriber loyalty to driving sales

Email Marketing Analytics

We oversee both email metrics analytics — Click Rate, Open Rate, Conversion Rate — within email clients and marketing metrics in Google Analytics and Looker Studio

Email Design

We craft unique email designs and provide HTML coding for emails, or design template versions for email clients

Technical Aspects of Email Marketing

We facilitate integrations of any complexity level: from transferring user contacts from websites to subscriber databases, to diverse and intricate audience segmentation

Email Strategy Development

We formulate a comprehensive email strategy featuring triggered and regular mailings, integration, and effectiveness analysis. We deliver workable results for your team's execution or provide end-to-end implementation

We're trusted by

Get a diagnosis for your project!

As part of diagnosing your current email campaigns, we conduct an analysis of critically important aspects to answer a simple question – how to increase sales through mailings. For this purpose, we will initiate an in-depth examination of your project, during which we will:

  • evaluate the state and quality of your subscriber base
  • verify the quality and accuracy of mailing settings: ensuring emails don’t end up in spam and uncovering reasons if they do
  • assess the performance of regular and triggered mailings
  • analyze your existing communication strategy and email copywriting
  • provide tailored recommendations for your project.

Upon completion, you’ll receive a comprehensive list of advice and recommendations to enhance your email marketing strategy for improved distribution effectiveness. Submit your application now to receive a high-quality professional diagnosis!

How to start working with us


Leave a request now to discuss your project


Briefing: we'll start with an initial online consultation to get to know your project, identify your goals, and understand your specific needs


After receiving the initial data, we will organize a meeting with the Head of Marketing to discuss the strategic vision


We formalize an offer that clearly outlines a strategy in accordance with your request


We carry out strategic steps in line with the jointly approved plan!

Our approach

First 3 days

Preparatory stage

We develop a detailed action plan, create a task list for the initial month of work, and align all necessary solutions

1st month

Addressing the most urgent needs

Tailoring to the project's requirements, we address the most crucial project needs, setting the groundwork for expanding a comprehensive mailing system

2nd month

Organizing mailing campaigns

We organize triggered mailings, enhance the efficiency of regular mailings, and improve marketing metrics

3rd month

Scaling up

Following testing and performance enhancement, we scale up both the subscriber base and sales volume on a regular basis

Shall we discuss your project needs?

We understand that each business requires a tailored approach, not only when it comes to content creation and design, but also for the implementation of advanced strategic solutions.

That’s why we suggest engaging in an online meeting with our Head of Marketing to delve into your project. They will grasp all the essential needs and objectives. In turn, based on the outcomes, we can formulate a personalized offer complete with detailed task descriptions, solutions, and a strategy designed according to your requests. During a follow-up call, we’ll present the offer and address all inquiries, including timelines. Once approved, we’ll kick off the work.

Leave your application, and we’ll be in touch very soon! 🙌

We're ready to showcase our case studies

Over time, we've accumulated a wealth of diverse email marketing challenges from various countries. Presently, we possess a repository of ready solutions and working models that consistently deliver results to our clients!

We're prepared to demonstrate our expertise and achievements through our case studies. Submit your application, and we'll share our experience with you!

We can also provide such services as:

How to become our partner

If you know of anyone who could benefit from our services, we are ready to provide them with high-quality service and share the profits with you throughout the entire period of collaboration with the client! We'll manage the entire process independently, so you can sit back and enjoy a growing passive income as well as regular support from our team.

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