$5+ million
has been spent on advertising budgets over the entire time
is spent on advertising budgets for our clients every month
150+ business accounts
have been created for our clients in various information systems
Eugene Mokin
Founder & CEO at Median ads
We take on the administrative function between clients and business software (such as CRM, MRP, ERP etc.) and advertising systems, so that you can address various operational issues with our assistance.
By having direct contact with the aforementioned systems, we can address any realistic requests. Therefore, you can benefit from our assistance with the following issues listed below or you can approach us with any other request and we will try to find a solution for you!

What we work with

Managing advertising budgets

Instead of using a bank card, you can pay for your ad budgets through an invoiced bill, cryptocurrency, Wise, or PayPal

Whitening ad accounts

If you have a local license in the countries where you run advertising campaigns, we can help you to whiten your activity to make it compliant and avoid any potential bans.

Renting ad accounts for gray niches

We provide advertising accounts for rent in gray niches to reduce the risk of getting banned. We also offer ongoing support

Access to business software at discounted prices with support

We have partnerships with various CRM systems, which allows us to provide you with more favorable terms and personalized technical support to increase the productivity of your CRM system

Coming Soon

We'll be announcing more connections with different information systems and product companies soon!

Systems we partner with

We can accept payments through various methods, including invoices with all necessary closing documents, as well as cryptocurrency, Wise, PayPal, and more.

FB & Instagram ads
We run advertising budgets, whiten and rent out ad accounts
Google Display & Video 360
We run advertising budgets, whiten and rent out ad accounts WITHOUT COMMISSION
Tik Tok ads
We run advertising budgets, whiten and rent out ad accounts
Programmatic ads
We run advertising budgets, independently select a network of advertising systems and rent out ad accounts WITHOUT COMMISSION
Twitter ads
We run advertising budgets, whiten and rent out ad accounts. Occasionally, we provide a free bonus advertising budget
LinkedIn ads
We run advertising budgets, whiten and rent out ad accounts
Google ads
We run advertising budgets exclusively
Snapchat ads
We run advertising budgets, whiten and rent out ad accounts
CRM systems
Coming Soon

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If you know of anyone who could benefit from our services, we are ready to provide them with high-quality service and share the profits with you throughout the entire period of collaboration with the client! We'll manage the entire process independently, so you can sit back and enjoy a growing passive income as well as regular support from our team.
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