3+ years
of active and successful collaborating with our partners
50+ active partners
who have experienced the many advantages of working with us and are now enjoying good dividends
300+ projects
have been successfully attracted through our partners
90+ countries
worldwide where we have provided services to our partners' clients
Eugene Mokin
Founder & CEO at Median ads
I would like to invite you to collaborate with us! Our extensive experience and numerous successful cases in various niches across more than 90 countries worldwide make us confident that we can offer you a valuable partnership. Our affiliate program is designed to provide you with a significant passive income by attracting just 1-2 clients from your referrals each month.
We're open to any type of collaboration and are happy to work with agencies and companies. We can also provide potential clients to you, and for some partners, we can exchange services.
Feel free to get in touch with us and we will gladly show you all the opportunities that our partnership can offer!

Who can be our partner

Agencies of all kinds

We can receive potential clients from you or provide leads to you, either on a barter basis or for cashback


If you have an audience that's relevant to us, we can offer quality services, and you can receive significant passive income

Marketers and PR specialists

We'll deliver the necessary results for your projects, and you can also gain an additional channel of passive income

Entrepreneurs and managers

Your partners will thank you for recommending us because we'll do everything possible to ensure they achieve the best results

Event and club organizers

Recommend us to your clients as a reliable partner and receive a boost to your reputation as well as additional income

Specialists from all fields

If you have a potential client for us, recommend us and receive additional passive income

Why partner with us

We have extensive experience and numerous case studies

We possess significant expertise to deliver reliable results, for which your clients will be very grateful

Established system of communication

We regularly communicate with our partners, establish common goals, provide reports, and take care of all the operational work on our side

Accumulative passive income

With just 1-2 potential clients from your side, you can receive a significant passive income within a few months!

What do we work with?

Online ads
FB & Instagram ads
Google ads
TikTok ads
Display & Video 360
Twitter ads
LinkedIn ads
Bing ads
Reddit ads
Quora ads
Pinterest ads
Product marketing
Website and landing page development
Email marketing and chatbots
Information systems Implementation: CRM, ERP, MRP, etc.
Implementation of web analytics and unit economics
Maximizing profits and increasing conversion rates
Creating CJMs, funnels, lead magnets, and retention models
Marketing consulting and audit
and the list goes on!
Web analytics and BI analytics setup
Web development and landing page creation
Front-end development
Admin panel development
Back-end development of varying complexity
Development and implementation of information systems: CRM, LMS, MRP, ERP, etc.
Database management
Automation and systematization of processes
Tracking implementation: Pixel, Tags, CAPI, SDK, etc.
API integrations and third-party services
and many other services are available!
Management of advertising budgets via invoicing
Advertising accounts whitelisting for gray niches
Reliable advertising accounts rental for gray niches
Discounted use of information systems and support

Partnership terms

Compared to other agencies, we provide our partners with some of the best terms. For us, partnership is a crucial channel to acquire clients, which is why we always strive to go the extra mile and ensure that the client is grateful to you!

20% from the first check

we offer to our partners for every client they bring in


10% from the next checks

throughout the lifetime of our project collaboration

How to start a partnership with us


Submit an application to receive detailed information


A Partnership Manager contacts you to arrange the first online-meeting


We'll give you a presentation, showcase our expertise and results, discuss terms of collaboration, and provide all the necessary information.


We receive the first potential clients from you and plan your passive income


You receive a regular passive income from us and gratitude for a useful referral from the attracted clients

Shall we talk in person?

If you’re interested in partnership, we suggest getting to know each other better by arranging our first online meeting!
Our main priority is to showcase our results and experience, so you can be confident that we are professionals. We will also provide a detailed overview of our collaboration process and discuss the terms.
We are open to any format of cooperation! And if you have your own proposal, we would be happy to discuss it during the call.
Please leave an application and choose the most convenient time for a chat with our manager.

We're trusted by:

Let's model what your passive income can be

In the diagram below, we have modeled your cashback, taking into account how many potential clients you can provide each month. Depending on your real capabilities and considering that we provide lifetime cashback, you can clearly see what passive income you can achieve within 6 months!

1st month
2nd month
3rd month
4th month
5th month
6th month
7th month
2 x $200,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $200,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $200,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $200,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $200,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $200,00
2 x $100,00
2 x $200,00

We'd be happy to give you a presentation!

If you’re looking for a reliable partner, we’d love to show you our results and case studies!
Over almost a decade of active work both in Ukraine and on international markets, we’ve accumulated a wealth of effective solutions that have consistently delivered results for our clients. We’re excited to share our experience with you in an online meeting.
In addition to showcasing our results, we’ll walk you through our processes, discuss our partnership terms, and answer any questions you may have.
Simply leave your application now and our manager will schedule a call at a time that’s most convenient for you!

Any questions left?
Ask our manager now!