10 years
of experience of working on various projects
90 countries
worldwide where our solutions have been implemented
$130 million
in revenue and investments raised for our clients
maximum daily advertising budget
maximum monthly advertising budget
1000+ projects
have been implemented during our entire period of active work
Eugene Mokin
Founder & CEO at Median ads
Our team has extensive experience in developing marketing solutions, promoting projects, and scaling them worldwide! We have developed a diverse range of working models that allow us to implement reliable solutions rather than rely on risky ideas, ensuring the expected results.
Beyond our professional expertise, we have developed our own project management approaches that foster seamless collaboration with our clients! In each project, In every project, we implement an individualized management system that encompasses flexible communication, strategic planning, and task formation.

What we offer

Our goal is to improve processes and performance indicators, establishing a comfortable system of mutual cooperation between our teams to ensure consistent project growth!

Online Advertising

A full-cycle promotion, from testing to profitable scaling worldwide


Service offerings for top-up and rental of advertising accounts and access to business software

Product Marketing

We develop product marketing solutions that enhance project profitability


Back end and Front end development at all levels of complexity, either as a turnkey solution or in collaboration with the project's internal team

Customer Story

Below, we would like to demonstrate how project collaboration works with us and showcase two use cases that highlight our solutions and how we organize our work with clients.

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We provide a full-cycle project promotion service

Online advertising is our flagship product. With a wealth of experience and unique strategies, we achieve significant results and scale projects worldwide.
We handle all project requirements, conduct comprehensive testing, optimize cost-effectiveness, and drive projects towards planned growth milestones!

Customer Solution Department

We offer clients access to rented advertising accounts, with the ability to top-up via invoicing or cryptocurrency, along with proper documentation. We also provide whitelisting services for gray niches and offer discounted access access to business software with personalized support.

We develop and implement marketing solutions

We can implement email marketing solutions tailored to your project, develop websites, landing pages, and lead magnets, as well as introduce comprehensive analytics and other product solutions that will improve your marketing performance.

Front end and Back end development services

We fulfill technical orders of any complexity level and closely collaborate with client teams in the Outsource/Outstaff format

How to become our partner

If you know of anyone who could benefit from our services, we are ready to provide them with high-quality service and share the profits with you throughout the entire period of collaboration with the client! We'll manage the entire process independently, so you can sit back and enjoy a growing passive income as well as regular support from our team.
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