Want to enter foreign markets with your ad campaign? Got more questions than answers? Facebook now offers a ready-made toolkit for international business promotion.

The absence of borders on the online platform lets you attract demand from different countries. Any business can expand visibility and reach beyond its usual geography.

More confident business owners are already taking advantage of social media advertising to enter an attractive or simply a new market segment. Facebook analyzed its functionality and offered 4 tools for entering new markets abroad to help those who are in doubt or at the beginning of the journey.

4 cross-border options from Facebook:

  1. Dynamic language optimization.
  2. Multi-country lookalike audiences.
  3. Multi-city targeting.
  4. Cross Border Insights Finder.

Plan with Cross Border Insights Finder

The tool shows, which new foreign markets you can enter with your ad campaign.

You select the following options:
– Your geography,
– Your industry,
– The objective of your ad campaign.

After that, you can compare Reach, Conversions, Cost and Competition indexes with a matched or selected geographic/economic region.

city targeting, lookalike audience

Data is taken from the results of the previous campaigns, which have been run on the platform. The tool is still marked as beta, you can leave your feedback after the use.

Choose cities by population

Would you like to show ads only in the cities, where the population is over a million?

When you set up the location targeting, you can set a range of population number to select a group of cities. What’s important: this figure is not a number of Facebook users in the city, it’s namely the population.

In this part of the settings, you can look through the full list of the cities you’ve selected this way. Facebook recommends using this option if you are not sure which cities you want to target specifically.

And in the case of international business growth, this reduces the time for the research of the investment’s potential.

Create LAA from several countries

Instead of being limited to one particular country, you can now create your own combination. Lookalike international audiences help you find new clients, no matter what country they live in.

city targeting, lookalike audience

Show multilingual ads

Users from other countries are more likely to respond to ads in their preferred language.

city targeting, lookalike audienceEarlier, you would have to create separate ad sets, but now the difference in languages can be set at the level of a particular ad. The system itself will connect the user with the advertisement in their language.

This simplifies budgeting, since optimization is common for all languages.

The tools are all interesting, and if you have a foreign product with the potential to enter English-speaking markets, you’d want to run and test them.

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