Revenue Grid’s service is essentially about offering supplementary features to a cloud-based CRM system that manages business processes in the sales system of client companies. The company’s target market is the United States. 

Revenue Grid enlisted the help of Median Ads agency specialists to promote their Guided Selling product, which runs on Salesforce. This solution is designed to improve the tracking of all stages of deals for increased efficiency and sales growth.

To achieve this goal, the Median Ads project team made it their priority to launch an ad campaign for the product on LinkedIn in just four months, generating high-quality leads and adhering to KPIs.

Niche B2B service with a complex target audience

Guided Selling is aimed at large businesses with a sizable sales department and, importantly, a lengthy sales cycle.

Representatives from the Sales Operations / Sales Support / Business Operations teams are the primary decision-makers when it comes to purchasing Guided Selling, although the product is also relevant to top sales executives.

Revenue Grid did not consider a mobile version of their website as a priority, since the product demos have complex functionalities that are easier to evaluate and test on desktop devices. Consequently, the mobile version of the website has significantly lower conversion rates than the desktop version.

The Median Ads team devised a lead generation strategy that aimed to gather contact information from potential clients.

Collecting Target Groups and Searching for Key Lead Magnets

Accurate targeting of the project audience was a crucial aspect of the project’s implementation. The meticulous effort put into identifying target groups was pivotal in achieving the desired outcome. Revenue Grid was able to create a detailed profile of the key persona while collaborating closely with the company team to identify all important parameters of the target audience, thereby enabling precise targeting.

During the testing period, two advertising campaigns were launched. One campaign aimed to promote registration for a Revenue Grid webinar, while the other focused on obtaining a demo version of the product. 

The webinar featured business representatives who discussed the benefits of the product. A five-day advertising campaign was conducted to obtain registrations, with data obtained to select audiences with the highest CTR and lowest CPC for further work.

The same audiences were then used for the conversion campaign promoting the product demo version. However, traffic was directed to the website, and the target action was filling out a lead form. 

This allowed us to test highly segmented audiences and determine which ones worked best.

Targeting was carried out based on sales manager seniorities, job skills, job titles, as well as company size. The tested audiences included: 

  • Middle level with narrowing by seniorities 
  • Middle level with narrowing by titles and company size 
  • Top level based on skills + seniorities + company size 
  • We also tested Lookalike Audiences for the company page and website.

In the second stage of promotion, audience developments were taken into account. A new advertising campaign was built with a message promising to help solve real “pain points” of the target audience. The campaign aimed to fill out a lead form to download a “White Paper”, a pdf document containing all information about the product benefits and how it addresses business pain points.

Optimally selected target audiences, a simple, understandable lead magnet that doesn’t require additional knowledge, and a well-structured offer in the ad allowed the LinkedIn algorithm to optimize for stable results.


Analysis of this advertising campaign showed that the average cost per lead was 2 times lower than the KPI. The chosen strategy proved to be effective, so the decision was made to continue promoting the offer to download the “White Paper”. The targeting focused on the formed target groups, which included representatives of large companies with a staff of at least 500 employees.

As previously mentioned, an important aspect of Guided Selling is that it operates within the Salesforce CRM system. Therefore, it is only logical to offer this service to companies that are already utilizing this platform. However, it can be challenging to consider this crucial factor while targeting as not every specialist or manager includes the “Salesforce” attribute in their LinkedIn profile. The key accomplishment of this case was the agency’s project team’s ability to identify these audiences and discover an efficient way to approach them. The advertising campaign’s effectiveness was deemed high as the CPL was reduced by 2 times, and 134 highly valid leads were obtained.

The success of the campaign implementation has encouraged Revenue Grid to partner with the Median ads team to continue promoting the product on LinkedIn, leveraging the results and identified needs of the target audience.

Fig.1 A total of 143 leads were obtained for the product, of which 134 were identified as highly valid leads.

Fig. 2. Average cost per lead.


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